Zombie apocalypse(area's to stay)

Basin And Range

The Basin And Range is a dry,hot area with its humidity really high,The area is mostly made of rocks,sand and clay with very little resources(Lumber,water,food etc) and would be hard to grow food as there is little water and very little soil to plant it on and getting lumber would be near impossible in the area and would be really rough to gather anything as there would be no structures in the area and overall,eve though there'd be no Z's,nature would kill you before any human,Z or animal gets the chance to even come close to.

I'd rate the area 2/10 as the area is a really hot,humid and dry area which even though you go to the area unprepared,If you go prepared,it'd be a easy time for you due to the fact that no man would come close to going to you and Z's would have a rough time navigating with the blazing sun burning them in and out.One of the only flaws is supplies,Getting it would be rough as there is no soil,water or structures so you'd have to venture off to receive supplies and you need gasoline so getting there back back and forth would take ages so it'd be hard to gather supplies.The Basin And Range is a hard area to either get out/in or pass by so it'd be hard for you and Z's others.Also the area is rough to do anything

Canadian Shield

Canadian shield is an area where,since its dry yet cold winds,it'd be a good place as the colder it is,and it'll be harder for zombies to move in uphill,cold area's and its main terrain is rocks or soil with very little tree's and very little structures.The area is also near the Hudson bay/lake the place is also good for wood and would be a decent place to start farming because of it's fertile soil. I rate it a 6/10 because if you don't have the right supplies,it'll be harder.And if it is area where buildings aren't common,Zombies also won't be common but so would supplies and probably the only way of getting resources is either farming,fishing or hunting but as i stated earlier,it'd be harder to find others in the area which also'd mean that there'd be less zombies.and that'd mean that there would not be much of a weapons choice.And the area would be a good spot for a temporary place with the right supplies.The area is mainly unclaimed due to it's land form so shouldn't be hard to avoid others.

Banff National Park

The area is not completely isolated,it would be a good spot to set up a establishment would be a good spot for an uprising in Z's.The area is rich in wood,minerals(Water,needs to be purified) so only problem would be food but there are some wild elk,wolves,etc in the area.

Interior Lowlands

The Interior Lowlands is a flat plains area where it's dry yet humid temperature would help not only keep away some Z's but also some bandits/other survivors and is an area mainly for use of farmland I'd rate this place an 8/10 because of not just it's fertile soil but also because there will(or wont) be others there and there are a ton of farms already set in the area so food would not be a problem as you can claim one and guard/protect it while there would hopefully be water in any water pumps,if not there are or would be some creeks,rivers,etc where you can drink out of,With a water filter of course scavenging would not be a big problem,weaponry would probably be taken care of.And with the hotter temperature's,less people would think to stay unless they know a thing or two during the invasion and with all the time you got,if you run out of food,you might be out of luck as the area might of been looted and fishing fish from a dirty river would cause some health issues.Hunting would be not as common but it'd work.

San Antonio Missions(The Alamo)

Interior Lowlands,TX,San Antonio.The Alamo is(was) a site for a battle and is still standing,with some barricading,defensive measurements would help keeps the Z's out and its already somewhat a stronghold so it'd be able to hold people and supplies,although its not the biggest,it was meant to defend sieges

Supplies you'd need

These area's seem to be a good place depending what you have.