Mrs. Baker's Class

September 1, 2016

What is going on?

Writing: Students will use picture cards and drawing to jump start drafting.

Reading: We will continue to make connections from our reading to our lives. We will discuss deep, thoughtful connections as well as connections that might distract us from the deeper meaning of the text.

Math: Our focus will be place value for this unit. Students will use different models to generate a number; standard, word and expanded formation, up to 99. As well as, use concrete and pictorial models to compose and decompose numbers to 99. This week we will introduce “number talk” to build number fluency.

Social Studies: Students are now experts on what it means to be a good citizen inside of a community. Now they will apply what they know and learn about some very important historical figures that showed good citizenship and how they have affected our world today.

This and That...

The students did earn enough star cards tomorrow for device day. If you trust them, let them bring in a device for Fun Friday. Yeah! Way to Go!

Please have students drop off their backpack in my portable before assembly tomorrow. If assembly has started, or if it is after 7:35- Just have them bring their backpack and they will have to hold it on their lap.


Sept 2- School Assembly

Sept 8th Club Night 6:30

Sept 9th- Homework Starts- Print it from my website-

The sight words for the week: after, because, over, have, saw,then, there, what-

Have a good weekend! Happy Labor Day!