Biotechnology and DNA

DNA is what controls the cells functions in biotechnology. Biotechnology is used in DNA testing for hair, skin, finger print, and body fluids in crime senes. "Biotechnology has been practiced since the beginning of recorded history. Baking bread, brewing alcoholic beverages, and breeding food crops or domestic animals all involve biotechnology."

Biotechnology and health

In the health industry when scientist need a medicine for a virus they takes part of the DNA of the virus and combine DNA sequences that would not normally occur together. Biotechnology helps u find cures and medicines to disseases. Biotechnology is used in almost every part of the human life there for it had a huge impact on us.

Biotechnology used in agriculture

Biotechnology modifys and improve plants, animals, and microorganisms to enhance their value.

Biotechnology helps clean up

Biotechnology helps sewage plants break down the sewage. Biotechnology also helps with using microbes to clean up oil or chemical spills, things like gasoline leaking from an underground tank.

Negative impacts

Biotechnology has some negative impacts on us such as when biotechnology isn't controlled and it mixes with natural plants, Another impact is when food is created by biotechnology has not been heavily tested if it is healthy or not.



Agriculture- Farmer


Food science- specialized nutritionist

Medical scientists specialize in researching and investigating biological systems in order to understand more and treat diseases. Medical scientist try to find changes in a cells or in chromosomes that signal the development of medical problems. Medical scientist develop treatments for diseases.


NC is ranked #2 in biotechnology