Friday Forward

Building Capacity and Improving Climate & Culture - 4/14/17

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Friday Forward - HOPPY EASTER!!!

Each week, JCPSForward will highlight upcoming interaction opportunities. Our ask is that you SHARE our work. The more folks we reach, the more momentum we achieve. We want EVERY JCPS educator to be involved! *Emails to staff *Faculty meetings blurbs *Facebook shares *Twitter shares *Instagram shares *Blogs

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ColorBraveJCPS - Dr. Marcia Carmichael-Murphy, Dr. LaRhonda Mathies & Dr. Erica Young have a vision to elevate social justice through education. Their mission is to empower educators and their students to engage in emancipatory pedagogies that maximize equity and access bolstering inclusive classrooms and their communities. JCPSForward is proud to highlight this ongoing JCPS initiative.

Each month, @ColorBraveJCPS will have a focus for their resource sharing. April's theme centers around poetry and sexual abuse awareness.

Sevenzo #GratitudeExperiment

Encourage your students to practice gratitude this month with a simple activity that not only helps each student develop social-emotional skills, but also shows how just a few kind words can strengthen the school community as a whole. A small challenge to accept today for a big impact on all of their tomorrows. Click here to learn more and accept the challenge - small changes, big impact.

When you accept the challenge, you will be mailed a kit with all the supplies you need to complete. All educators who finish the challenge are eligible for prizes and gift cards.

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- JCPS Forward is committed to supporting all teachers

We are actively exploring ways to assist non-tenured teachers as they acclimate to the JCPS. Please take 60 sec. to send us your feedback

- Most Likely to Succeed/Call for Transformation

Want to host a showing of Most Likely to Succeed at your school or learn more about the "Call for Transformation" work? Click here!

- Want us to bring the #whyiteach poster and kit to your JCPS school - let us know! What better way is there to share your story for why you teach than by standing in front of a giant 36x48 backdrop to take your picture to share out to the world? We will come to your lounge during lunch and set up so your staff can share their stories! Click here to bring the #whyiteach kit to your school


Connecting the educators of Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, Kentucky through positive, solutions-oriented conversations.

When a small group of educators came together in the summer of 2015, we had one goal that still remains at the heart of our work. We wanted to create a connective tissue of positive, solutions-oriented educators in JCPS. To date, we've engaged with nearly 1,500 educators in the district through virtual and in person conversations and teacher led professional learning. "Joining" the movement is simple - take part in any of our initiatives or just share on social media or in person with peers. We want to make sustainable change in the climate and culture of JCPS and we need your help!

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