All Stage 3 Students


Whats cyberbullying all about?

People everywhere use new technology to keep in touch with friends, organise social events, share photos, have fun and learn. Mobile phones, emails, web sites, blogs, online games, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and other networking sites can be a positive and fun tool to learn, express yourself and keep in touch.

Recently it seems there has been more sad news than happy news about technology and how it can be used to hurt other people. Sadly, some students use technology to intimidate other students by deleting or changing other students work when it is published in a shared space.

So how is cyberbullying different from bullying?

Basically, cyberbullying is an extension of bullying that goes on at school but the person doing the bullying uses new technology such as websites, text messages, social networking sites and emails to embarrass, demean, harass, intimidate, or threaten other people.

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Helpful, Safe, Respectful Learners

Just as you are expected to follow the school rules while AT SCHOOL, you are also expected to follow them while working in a SHARED LEARNING SPACE.

So please, be RESPECTFUL of every students' work!