Weekly Update

November 14, 2021

1st Quarter Report Cards Arriving This Week

Please check your mail this week for 1st quarter report cards. You may also check 1st quarter term grades using the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. If you have any questions, please contact the teacher. You can find staff contact information here.

Entrances to Use when Arriving to School

When you arrive at school, please use the Main Entrance or the doors in the West Commons. All other entrances will remain locked. This helps us to supervise students as they arrive. Remember the building opens at 7:45 for students. Students should remain in the Commons until 8:45 daily unless they have a Zero Hour class or they are working with a teacher, coach or advisor who is responsible for their supervision. Thank you for your cooperation.

Expectations During the School Day

Heath Office

  • Students who are not feeling well, or have another reason to go to the Health Office, should let the staff member with whom they are working know that they are having an issue that needs attention. That staff member will contact the health office to let them know the student will be coming.
  • The Digital Hall Pass needs to be completed by the student or staff member before they leave for the Health Office.
  • When a student arrives in the Health Office they will be assessed and their needs will be addressed. If warranted, the student can remain in the Health Office for up to 20 minutes before returning to class.
  • Students may visit the Health Office once per day. If they require a second visit, Health Office staff will contact the parent or guardian about arrangements for the student to picked up or sent home. This does not apply to those students using the Health Office regularly for blood sugar checks or taking prescription medications.


  • In an effort to provide better supervision for our restrooms, some restrooms are locked during class time. There are two main restrooms that are open all day and they are located on both ends of 2nd floor.
  • In addition, gender neutral restrooms are available for use all day. These restrooms are located near the Commons and on 2nd and 3rd Floors. Only one student is allowed in these restrooms at a time.
  • The main restrooms, located off the Commons, are available when students use this area before school, during lunch and after school.
  • Restrooms located on 1st and 3rd floors are available and supervised during passing times.

Expectations After the School Day Ends

Denfeld is excited to provide a super snack after school Monday through Thursday. This is free and available to all students. If you are eating the super snack after school, please remember to wait patiently in line for your turn, take all parts of the meal and clean up your garbage when you are done using the garbage cans within the building and outside the main entrance.

The building, commons and campus close at 3:45. Students need to go to DASH and sign in and remain in the Media Center or West Commons or leave the building and grounds.

Students who are waiting for a ride, may do so between the doors of the main entrance if they are respectful. Exterior doors lock at 4:00 and remain locked unless there is another activity within the building that requires them to be reopened.

Students who remain in the building need to be supervised by a staff member (teacher, coach, advisor etc.) Being here after school is a privilege, please work to protect the privilege with respectful and appropriate use and behavior.

WIN Update

We continue to monitor WIN (What I Need). This is the 30 minute period between 2nd and 3rd hours that allows students to complete work as well as get help from their teachers. We have been using a system that allows teachers to request students they would like to work with and this system will continue further into 2nd Quarter. Students who wish to work with a specific staff member should ask that staff member to request them.
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Required Coursework Available on Canvas

As we start 2nd Quarter, this is just a reminder that all required coursework for each class is available on Canvas. When students are absent, they can consult Canvas to find out what they have missed. Students can also contact their teachers through Canvas or via email to get additional help or get questions answered.

It's Not Too Late to Qualify for Free & Reduced Lunch

Application for Educational Benefits Form: Families may qualify for reduced school activity fees, benefits and other discounts including free and reduced price lunch - and help provide important state and federal funds for Duluth's schools. All families should complete this form even if you think you don't qualify. Click here to fill out the application. or click on the picture below.

Buy a Yearbook Now at the Lowest Price of the Year!

Hunters! Now is the time to purchase your yearbook. They can be purchased online at Jostens.com and then searching "Denfeld" or by following this link: https://www.jostens.com/apps/store/productBrowse/1062787/Denfeld-High-School/2022-Yearbook/20210727042008030106/CATALOG_SHOP/

Please DO NOT send checks to school. If you need to pay by check please contact Mr. Shaw so he can give you the correct amount with tax included.

PBIS Information and Updates:

Hunters License Update for Sweetheart Dance:

Monday, November 1st is the starting date for Hunter License expectations for the Sweetheart dance. This means you will need to meet grade, attendance, and behavior expectations from November 1st until the end of January in order to protect your privilege to attend the dance.

Hunter License Sweetheart Expectations are:

  • Passing grade in all classes (D or higher)
  • No more than 8 class periods of unexcused absences (total class periods, not per class and includes both STUDY HALLS & WIN)
  • No more than 9 unexcused tardy class periods (total class periods, not per class and includes both STUDY HALLS & WIN)
  • No more than 6 major and/or 8 minor behavior referrals
  • No assigned OSS time

For Sweetheart, November is a chance to “re-start”, meaning we will not look at grades, attendance, and behavior prior to November 1st. You have the opportunity to start fresh and work toward your goal of accessing your privilege to attend school dances. Use the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to make effective choices that benefit yourself and our school community.

Guidance Office and Career Center Updates:

Blended Learning Resources:

Student / Family Help Desk and More:

Click here if you or your student are looking for:

  • Online tutoring
  • Student / Family Help Desk or
  • Support with Wi-Fi

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Free Tutoring Available

Free tutoring for K-12 students is available through the CSS/ISD 709 Tutor Program.

We have tutors in a variety of grade levels and subjects. They've completed training and are ready to work with Duluth students!

Click here to book tutoring appointments.

  • Once there you will be able to choose the grade level needed, the content, the tutor and the time they are available.
  • Once you book a tutoring session you will receive an email with the details of your appointment.
  • Appointments are online. A link to the video conference session will be sent with the email.

If you have any questions please feel free to email Beth LaVigne blavigne@css.edu

For Reference:

Symptoms? Please Keep Your Children Home

If your child is showing signs and symptoms of COVID-19, we are asking that you please keep them home and get tested - or consult your healthcare provider for an alternative diagnosis as we are still seeing strep, influenza, and RSV circulating around the state and our area.

It is imperative that children remain home when symptomatic to help us protect the integrity of in-person learning. We thank you for your help in keeping our school community safe.

COVID19 Signs & Symptoms:

  • Fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher
  • New cough or a cough that gets worse
  • Difficulty/hard time breathing
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Sore throat
  • Nasal congestion/stuffy or runny nose
  • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
  • Muscle pain
  • Extreme fatigue/feeling very tired
  • Severe/very bad headache
  • Chills

Free COVID Testing Available

COVID-19 testing remains a key part of keeping our students, workers, and families safe. With the at-home program and 11 community testing sites offering free testing across the state, the state has made it easy for Minnesotans to find a test.

How Minnesotans can get a COVID-19 test:

  • Walk in or schedule an appointment for a free test at one of the state’s 11 community testing sites across Minnesota: COVID-19 Community Testing Sites.
  • Order a free test through the state’s at-home testing program: COVID-19 Test at Home.
  • Find other testing options near them through the state’s Find Testing Locations map, including through local providers, pharmacies and clinics: Find Testing Locations.

Who Should Get Tested

  • Even if you are vaccinated, Minnesotans should get tested:
    • if you have symptoms of the virus;
    • if you have had close contact with someone who has COVID-19;
    • if you are returning from international travel;
    • or if you have attended a large gathering or event where people are not wearing masks and are not able to stay 6 feet apart.
  • People who are unvaccinated should test before travel (domestic or international).
  • Unvaccinated teachers, staff and students in K-12 should test weekly at a minimum or more frequently per CDC guidance.


As the COVID pandemic continues, our schools continue to review and update response to ensure health and safety. The Safe Learning Plan reflects current local planning and is subject to change based on local, state and national guidance.

Details at www.ISD709.org/SafeLearningPlan

State and County Data:

Minnesota Weekly COVID Report

Access St. Louis County MN COVID-19 Dashboard

Update: Safe Learning Plan

As the COVID pandemic continues, our schools continue to review and update response to ensure health and safety. The Safe Learning Plan reflects current local planning and is subject to change based on local, state and national guidance.

Recent Updates:

  • Currently, masks are required for all students age 2 and older, ISD 709 employees and the public unless medically exempted, regardless of vaccination status. Beginning Monday 10/4, this will include during indoor Phy. Ed. classes for grades Pre-K through 8 as the majority of students in elementary and middle school do not yet have access to the COVID vaccine. (Page 4).
  • Language related to lunchrooms was added re: notification of a positive case and guidance as to whether quarantine is necessary (Page 5).

Details at www.ISD709.org/SafeLearningPlan

State and County Data:

Minnesota Weekly COVID Report

Access St. Louis County MN COVID-19 Dashboard

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Lunchtime Reminders:

Assigned Lunch Periods
  • Every student is assigned to ONE lunch period each day - Maroon Lunch (12:14 - 12:44) or Gold Lunch (1:07 - 1:37).
  • Please remind your student that the expectation is that they are present in the Commons area only during their assigned lunch time.
  • You can find which lunch your student is assigned to by looking at their schedule in Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Lunch information is listed below your student´s 4th Hour class on their schedule.
Lunch IDs and Lanyards
  • Every student has now received a lunch ID and lanyard.
  • The expectation is for students to carry their lunch ID with them at all times. This means having the ID with them in the building at the beginning of the school day.
  • Lunch IDs allow students to access Open Lunch (for 11th and 12th graders) and/or movement time at PSS or the gym (for all grades).
  • If a student does not have their lunch ID, they will not be able to access these privileges that day and must remain in the Commons during lunch time.
Open Lunch
  • Only 11th and 12th grade students can access Open Lunch privilege.
  • 9th and 10th grade students are not permitted to leave the school campus during lunchtime.
  • To leave for Open Lunch, juniors and seniors must have an open lunch agreement on file.
  • Open Lunch is a privilege and is not a right or expectation. In order to access the privilege, students are expected to uphold behavior expectations and Hunter Licenses requirements each day.
  • Students will not be able to go outside to get their ID from their cars if the IDs are not in the building at the start of the day. Students also will not be able to send someone to their car to get the ID as this creates a liability issue if something happens to the student´s car.
  • As outlined in the open lunch agreement signed by each student and family, if a student does not have their lunch ID with them at the beginning of the day, the expectation is for them to remain in the building and eat in the Commons that day.

Lunch IDs help support our lunchtime processes so we can get over 300 kids out of the building for open lunch as safely, quickly, and efficiently as we possibly can so they can get back into the building on time for their next class.

Please help support all of our lunch time procedure by discussing and reinforcing these expectations with your student. Thank you!

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