The Wedding

By: Nicholas Sparks

about the book...

After almost thirty years of marriage Wilson forgot their anniversary. How could you forget your anniversary?! Wilson thought it was just a normal day; until, he noticed Jane was mad at him for something he didn't know. It was that night he figured out why she was mad once he found the presents she had gotten for him. Jane ends up leaving and going to stay with her son by herself. Wilson looks to his dad Noah for help. Will Jane ever come around and feel the same? or is the marriage ruined?

This is a story of love and getting her back.

man vs. man

The husband which is Wilson forgot his wedding anniversary of 29 years. Jane had gotten him presents and made him a breakfast. Well, Wilson got home from work to find Jane was not happy, and he couldn't figure out why. She was acting all weird. It got to the point where right before bed Jane didn't talk to him nor look at him. He still didn't know what was wrong with her until he asked her and she said "Happy Anniversary".

To give you a little detail about the conflict from the book..

"A moment later, I was standing in the kitchen alone, wishing again that I were someone else and wondering whether it was even possible for us to start over." pg. 83

"The best angle at which to approach of any problem is the try-angle." -Author Unknown

Favorite Quote!!

"But love I've come to understand, is more than just three words mumbled before bedtime. Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other everyday." pg. 63

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