Lead News

Team Daymaker 8AM-4PM Shift


Amy is now officially my assistant. A well deserved congrats to the other new assistants as well!

Katherine B. is now a Senior Advocate. She'll continue with her advocate duties, and will also be a point person for advocate questions and escalations.

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Special Projects

We were sad to see Genevieve go, but this did open up an opportunity for Laura C who will be helping PR's Aire Plichta in her place.

In addition to helping Jason in fraud on Fridays, Jamie has been working with Bobby to learn the ropes of Metrics and scheduling.

Team Bubbles

With Carrie taking on so many new peeps on the 5-1 this holiday season, I will be taking over the lead responsibilities for our Overnight peeps. I'm so excited to work more closely with our night owls.

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