Bearcat Brief

September 13, 2019

Notes from Niki

Happy Friday the 13th! At least the dance was last week and we don't have that in with this full moon Friday the 13th night. We do have a home football game, though. I hope you can come out and cheer for the Bearcats. Just a few odds and ends:

  • The NWEA window is closed now so the RTI committee will be working to identify students for intervention groups. These recommendations will be passed along to grade-level teams for review before we make any changes to Bearcat times.
  • It is near the end of this mid-term. Please make sure you are contacting parents of students with failing grades.
  • Don't forget, as you have students complete yellow cards please record them on the google form here:
  • Please take the PBIS School Safety Survey before the faculty meeting on Tuesday!
  • Aflac will be here for enrollment on September 18 from 8:30-10:00. They will be at Central Office from 10:30- 12:00 as well. If you can't make either of those times and are interested in seeing them, they said they could be available that afternoon. Just email Kelley Bax
  • For the faculty meeting on Tuesday, I will get the slide show to you on Monday so you can review it ahead of the meeting, but we will talk about Friday Freeride coverage in general and locations for it on bad weather days, the PBIS flowchart, and creating a "hub" for all of the frequently used documents we have.
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Professional Reading/ Resources:

Why the Lecture Method Endures, Despite the Evidence

In this Harvard Gazette article, Peter Reuell reports on a 2019 study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by Louis Deslauriers et al. The researchers had college students listen to well-delivered lectures for a segment of the course. In another segment, they engaged in discussion-based active learning experiences. An example of the latter: to launch a new topic, students were asked to gather in small groups and solve several problems. The instructor walked around observing them and answering questions, then convened the whole class for a brief talk on the misconceptions and struggles observed during the problem-solving activity.

The researchers asked students how much they believed they learned from the lectures and from the active-learning experiences, and then tested their actual learning with 12 multiple-choice questions. The main findings:

- Students believed they learned more from the lectures.

- The test results showed that students learned more from active-learning strategies.

- When shown the evidence of superior learning outcomes with active learning, students were quick to embrace that approach.

“Deep learning is hard work,” says Deslauriers. “The effort involved in active learning can be misinterpreted as a sign of poor learning. On the other hand, a superstar lecturer can explain things in such a way as to make students feel like they are learning more than they actually are.” But when courses shift to active learning strategies, student evaluations are more positive than with traditional lectures.

Eric Mazur, a Harvard physics professor who has embraced discussion-based learning in his own classes, commented on the study: “This work unambiguously debunks the illusion of learning from lectures. It also explains why instructors and students cling to the belief that listening to lectures constitutes learning.”

“Lessons in Learning” by Peter Reuell in The Harvard Gazette, September 4, 2019,

Upcoming Events


September 13- 7/8 PLC Group B

September 16- PLC Leadership Team Training

September 17- Faculty Meeting, 7:20 a.m.

September 18- Mid-Quarter

September 19- Tornado Drill- (everyone goes to 4/5 wing)

September 19- PLC Meetings Grades 4-6

September 19- Grades Due @3:00

September 19- 7th and 8th Grade Football @St. James, 5:00

September 20- 7/8 PLC Group A

September 20- No Tardy Party

September 23- Fire Drill during a transition time

September 23- "Go Gold for Pediatric Cancer" StuCo Event @basketball game

September 23- 7/8 Girls Basketball vs. Owensville, 5:30

September 26- Cross Country @Belle, 4:50

September 26- 7/8 Football vs. Union, 5:00

September 26- 7/8 Girls Basketball @ St. James, 5:30

September 27- 7/8 PLC Group B

September 27- Student of the Month Assembly, 2:45

September 27- Homecoming

September 27- Homecoming Parade, 4:00

September 30- October 3- 7th Grade Girls Basketball Tournament @Home

September 30- October 3- 8th Grade Girls Basketball Tournament @ Washington