Benefits of CSA

Its Growth


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a

term that has come to describe a variety of direct

farm marketing practices with certain common

characteristics, including:

• Emphasis on community and/or local produce

• Shares/subscriptions that are sold prior to the

season’s beginning

• Weekly deliveries to members/subscribers

Benefits of CSA

Research has indicated that there are different

kinds of CSA members. Some customers will

be extremely interested in the farm and the way

crops are grown. For other members, things like

the end-quality, product diversity, and “freshness”

of the produce will be the most important factors

for their patronage. Another communicating strategy is to invite

customers onto your farm. While many CSAs do

not follow the original CSA design of members

providing labor for their products, about 35 percent

of those found it effective to offer

an on-farm event for their members.