Kindergarten Happenings

What's going on in March?

Read Across America Week

Dr. Seuss' birthday and Read Across America Week was a very busy time in Kindergarten! We had mystery readers each day. We did many Dr. Seuss activities. We brought out favorite Dr. Seuss books in and shared with the class.
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Thing 1 and Thing 2

"...In this box are two things, I will show them to you now. You will like these things.....You will see something new. Two things. And I call them Thing One and Thing Two." ~Dr. Seuss
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Mystery Readers

On Monday, Connor's granny, Mrs. Conley read "If You Give a Dog a Donut" and she brought us donuts, apple juice, and a paper donut to decorate!

On Tuesday, Sophia's mom, Mrs. Haarmeyer read "The Giving Tree". We had a snack of Apple slices, Applesauce and apple juice!

On Wednesday, Owen's mom, Mrs. Bryant read "Maisy and the Pirates" and brought us cupcakes!

On Thursday we had a snow day so our Mystery Reader had to be rescheduled.

On Friday, Aiden's grand mom, Mrs. Braun read "If You Give a Dog a Donut" and brought us Dr. Seuss bookmarks!

Mystery Readers were such a huge success that I opened up the final 9 Thursday's of the school year for Mystery Readers! I'll be sending an email soon!

Favorite Dr. Seuss book, Crazy Socks, Wacky Wednesday, Favorite Hat & Seuss Snack

We brought in and read our favorite Dr. Seuss books on Monday. On Tuesday, we wore crazy socks! Wacky Wednesday led to wacky hair day. We made a special Seuss snack on Friday! Since we had a snow day on Thursday, some decided to wear their favorite hat on Friday!
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Directed Drawings

Following directions is a big thing in Kindergarten. To create our Cat in the Hat and Leprechaun drawings, we had to listen to Mrs. Paulhamus directions step by step to draw out picture. They all turned out differently yet you can still tell what it is!

The directed drawings have become such a big hit that I am dedicating one of the boards in my classroom to showcase all of our drawings! Be sure to check it out next week when our latest creations are on display!

Animals of the Day and Night

We read the story "The Lion and the Mouse". We discussed animals that are awake only during the day and animals that are awake only during the night. We made a list on the board.

Working together in groups we created a large mural and drew the animals that we can find in the day and the night.

Collaboration was very important to completing the mural!

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We began our unit on coins and money. We're learning a little about the history of money and where money is made. We discovered that there are two mints that make most of our coins and you can tell which mint it's from by the D or P (for Denver or Philadelphia).

We used magnifying glass to check out real coins to see where they were made.

We have also been practicing counting coins.

We will continue our exploration of coins and money in April.

Mrs. Amy Paulhamus

Kindergarten Teacher

Chesterbrook Academy

Collegeville, PA