iPads in the Classroom

The New Trend

They're Becoming More Popular

iPads are being introduced into the classroom at high rate of speed. Whether the school has carts of iPads or is 1 to 1, where every student has their own iPad to take home and use, teachers need to be aware of the resources available to them on the iPad.

Websites for More Information

  • Apple offers descriptions and resources available to download.
  • Does using an iPad really improve education? This website lists 8 studies stating that iPads improve a child's education.
  • Kathy Shrock offers teachers resources for everything involving iPads in her blog.
  • Don't know where to start when it comes to apps? Educational Technology and Mobile Learning offers a list of 30 apps every teacher should have.
  • If the first 30 weren't enough, Scholastic offers a list of 50 apps every teacher should have. They break the list up by subject area so you can find what fits your classroom needs best.
  • Cyndi Danner-Kuhn offers information not only about iPads in the classroom, but on technology resources for teachers as well in her blog, Technology Bits, Bytes, and Nibbles.
  • I am a Foreign Language teacher and I found a great list of apps for my students. I haven't tried all of them, but I'm sure some will fit my needs.
  • Looking for a new way to use iPads in your classroom? Check out how these teachers are doing it around the world.
  • Not sure how to get started? These two websites offer great information on getting started: iPads in Education and iPads for Education.
  • The Discovery Channel posted a top ten list of why every classroom should have iPads.

iPads in the classroom in Action

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iPads in the Classroom
iPads In The Classroom