Book Talk by Steven Nguyen

Plot Summary

Eleven-year-old, Nicholas Young, was off, running away, from the hatred his father and the butcher was treating him with. After a certain period of time Young decided to run away from the butcher, and he finally decided that the best place to run away from was to the sea. Soon after, Young makes a deal with a crew from the ship, the SS Endeavor, to take him to an adventure to the seas, but only as a stowaway. The life of sea isn't for everyone though because hardships will happen for Young, and the men of the Endeavor won't treat him kindly. Nicholas Young is about to have the time of his life.

Nicholas Young

Nicholas Young is an eleven-year-old boy that comes from the land of England. Young left England on August 26, 1768 to hide on the SS Endeavor and run away from his father and the butcher. Nicholas Young is a naive and smart boy that always gets himself in trouble. Young is also courageous and he always fights for what he believes in. Nicholas Young was raised by his father and mother, but soon after his father believed he would need training from the butcher. According to Young, the only thing the butcher taught him was how to be a thief.