The Republc of India

India is one of the largest countries in Asia and the second most populous in the world. With those titles comes a very diverse and unique culture
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India's population is 1,251,695,584 people, the second largest in the world.
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Main Religions in India

The main religions in India are Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, and Sikhism
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Main Languages

The main languages in India are Hindi and English.
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Education Systems

India has a four level education system. It consists of Lower primary, Upper primary, High, and Higher secondary levels.


India has the world's eighteenth largest economy as of 2013, with it's main exports being refined petroleum, packaged medicaments, jewelry, rice, and cars.

Sports and Entertainmment

The most popular sports in India are cricket and soccer. Field hockey is also very popular.
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India is bordered on the south by the Indian ocean and on the Himalayan mountain range. It is covered by deserts, plains, and wetlands.

Famous landmarks include Kangchenjunga, the highest peak, the Ganges, the longest river, and the Taj Mahal, a famous mausoleum in Agra.

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Life of an Everyday Resident

Most people in India live in poverty, and have to deal with low wages and overcrowding. India is one the largest producers of wheat, yet they still have the largest number of malnourished people. Infant mortality rates are high, and literacy rates are low.

There are many hardships that Indians have to face, but they are working to overcome them.


India's climate ranges from equatorial in the South to temperate in the North


India has a federal constitutional republic, and the country is divided into 29 states and 7 union territories
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