Kies air download

How unique is Kies air download for windows 7?

Wireless sharing of files seems to be the latest trend in most mobile devices. Kies air download windows 7 seems to be very useful for PC users who want to achieve this objectives. Kies is free software for Windows 7 users. It enables them transfer photos, music, update firmware and contacts from their tablet or phones. Basically, this application enables you create a wireless server with your mobile device.

User interface

The App has a simple and intuitive design. The video converter has a nice design that allows users to convert some of the videos before playing them on the device. It only displays the video formats it is compatible with rather than those it supports from the device connected to the computer.

The media library

The media library is integrated with a Podcast channel that allows users to download several radio segments such as song mixes and news free of charge. Users can also subscribe to their favorite channel and have new segments automatically downloaded on the computer. Apart from being a media library, it can also be used as music and video players, a source for free music as well as a converter.

It offers enhanced support

The program automatically searches for new driver and firmware updates every time a device is connected on the computer. As a result, it can serve as a wonderful platform for backing up your device as well as restoring it to its earlier state. The tutorials available in the help section are important for those who find it difficult using some parts of the App. The tutorials expound on all the basic and advanced functions you need to be aware of.

Overall, Kies air PC is a mandatory App for those who love synchronizing their mobile devices with their computer. Apart from the simplified user interface, users can enjoy importing their iTunes playlists with much ease. The software leaves a huge room for future improvements but still plays a big role in its intended use. I would recommend the App for those who have not tried it out yet.