TMS Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures

August 2023

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Transporting middle schoolers to and from TMS can be an enormous task. Many of our students walk and ride their bikes independently. Others get dropped off and picked up by parents and caregivers. We also have 12 school buses as well as numerous specialized transportation vehicles that come in and out of the TMS parking lots each day.

Needless to say, please expect that it going to take some time to complete this process for the 995+ students and 120+ staff at TMS arriving and departing each morning and afternoon. And, when you add inclement weather to the mix, you can count on an increased traffic volume which requires even more patience and planning for extra time.

Over the years we have established guidelines that, when followed by all, have helped us keep everyone safe. Please see the Bus Transporation information below if your child takes the bus.

For families that will utilize the drop-off and pick-up system, the guidelines below are put in place to ensure the safety of the students and staff and to create clear expectations for parents around these processes.

Ultimately the TMS drop-off and pick-up experience is heavily dependent upon adults taking the time to follow the proper procedures. We are urging all parents to please be considerate of each other. Please read the expectations and procedures listed below and be sure to share these protocols with any relatives or neighbors that pick up TMS students.

TMS students are trained on the drop-off and pick-up expectations. Please be mindful of the example that you are setting and please support our students in following the guidelines put in place to ensure their safety. Please do not comprise your child's safety by asking them to exit or enter your vehicle outside of the designated loading zones.

Thank you for your support and willingness to care for the TMS Community!


Lori, Nick, & Greg


Many thanks to all the parents, students, and community members who demonstrate patience and grace while making their way through morning arrival and after-school dismissal doing so while following the safety guidelines outlined below.


Families are encouraged to talk with their students about their expectations for their child during arrival and dismissal. Everyone is asked to PLEASE be safe and recognize that drop-off and pick-up at a school as large as TMS takes at least 5-10 minutes. If you're short on time, please consider dropping your child off on Douglas Street or Olive Street.

Please DO NOT park or drop off students north of Belmont Avenue and Thomas Street as that increases congestion.

You can park on Thomas Street, just a couple of blocks east of Belmont Avenue. You are not permitted to drop off or pick up on Thomas Street between Arlington Heights Road and Belmont Avenue.

DISMISSAL: Students can walk on the west sidewalk along Belmont Avenue as long as they DO NOT CROSS Belmont Avenue outside of the corner crosswalks. TMS will have a staff supervisor at the Belmont parking lot entrance/exit to assist students in crossing as they walk on the sidewalk on the west side of Belmont. Please speak with your children about not jaywalking across Belmont Avenue as this is extremely dangerous. We will continue to work closely with the students to establish safe routines for utilizing the crosswalks.

CROSSWALKS: Students are required to use the crosswalks when crossing the streets. This is the safest way to cross the street. Students are asked to wait a bit longer, BEHIND THE YELLOW LINES, and cross in groups at both Belmont Avenue and Arlington Heights Road, and Thomas Street. Students should wait until the crossing guard Mr. Vito tells them to cross the street. Please discuss this with your child and remind them that they need to demonstrate patience and respect while waiting for the crossing guard behind the yellow line until they are given permission to cross.

Arrival Before School

  • Students should arrive at school between 7:30-7:45. Please plan for adequate time so that the morning is peaceful and students are not rushed.

  • 6th Grade Drop-Off: 6th graders should be dropped off in the Arlington Heights/Thomas Street parking lot.
  • 7th & 8th Grade Main Entrance: All 7th and 8th graders should be dropped off at the Belmont Avenue drop-off line. Please pull forward as far as possible to allow as many cars to drop off at once. Students should NOT exit the car until the car is past the yellow line on the sidewalk.'
  • AM Bus Drop Off: The TMS busses will drop off in the Belmont Avenue parking lot between 7:20 - 7:45 AM.

Dismissal After School

  • PM Bus Pick Up The TMS buses will pick up in the Arlington Heights/Thomas parking lot at 2:45 PM. Cars are not permitted in this lot during after-school pick-up.
  • Parent Pick-Up Line: ALL 6th, 7th & 8th graders can be picked up in the carpool line which is on Belmont Avenue. Please be sure to form a single line along Belmont Avenue and remain in your car until your student arrives. It is essential that you pull up as cars exit the pick-up line. If you do not pull up this causes a backup on Thomas Street.
  • PLEASE DO NOT pick your students up on Thomas Street: This creates an incredibly unsafe situation for your children. Students know that this is NOT ACCEPTABLE and we ask that you do NOT put your child in a position to violate this safety expectation.
  • PLEASE DO NOT park in the carpool line on Belmont Avenue. Consider meeting your child for pick-up at 3:00 instead of 2:50 after school or consider establishing a pick-up spot such as a location on Olive Street south of TMS or on Douglas Street. However, your child must use the crosswalks. Cars are encouraged not to wait in the pick-up line south of the TMS parking lot because students are not permitted to cross the Belmont Avenue parking lot crosswalk. Students should not walk southbound on Belmont Avenue past the Belmont Street parking lot crosswalk.

Safety Guidelines for both Drop-Off and Pick-Up Times:

  • The Belmont Avenue (main parking lot) is ONLY accessible for cars with the TMS parking lot decal or cars with specialized handicap accommodations. We kindly ask that you not access this parking lot during arrival and pick-up times.
  • PLEASE DO NOT drop off or pick up students on Belmont Avenue north of Thomas Street. This increases the traffic crossing at this location and creates a dangerous backup on Thomas Street at Arlington Heights Road.
  • PLEASE DO NOT make U-Turns on Belmont Avenue. This is incredibly unsafe!
  • Students are not permitted to cross Belmont Avenue outside of the crosswalks at Belmont Avenue and Thomas Street and Belmont and Olive Street.

Student Arrival Doors:

  • During arrival, 6th graders enter the doors that face Thomas Street.
  • During arrival, 7th & 8th graders enter the main entrance doors near the Belmont Avenue parking lot.

Student Dismissal Doors:

  • During dismissal, all students taking the bus will exit out the LMC doors. Busses will pick up in the Arlington Heights/Thomas Street parking lot.
  • During dismissal, all students walking, biking, or getting picked up in the carpool line are encouraged to exit the building using the 6th grade doors that face Thomas Street. This promotes the use of the crosswalk to safely cross Belmont Avenue.


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Bus Transportation Information

Please direct all bus transportation questions to the District 25 Transportation Specialist:

Laura Comastro. Laura can answer your questions and resolve issues.


LATE BUSES: If the bus is more than ten minutes late, parents may call Cook County School Bus Co. at 847-439-0923 to find out if the bus is late, or missed a stop. Parents who cannot stay at the bus stop should have a contingency plan with neighbors and with their children concerning what to do if the bus is more than 10 minutes late in the morning or if the parent is not home after school.

ITEMS LEFT ON THE BUS: If a student leaves an item on the bus, the parent should contact Cook Co. School Bus Company at 847-439-0923 to locate the item and to make arrangements for it to be returned. This can be done either on the bus route the next day or by the parent going to the bus company to pick it up (1910 S. Busse Rd., A.H.).

CONCERNS AND COMPLIMENTS: Bus emergency concerns: Contact Cook County School Bus at 847-439-0923 or for the AHSD25 Transportation Manager during the school work day, 847- 758-4888. About bus drivers/bus service: Contact the Transportation Specialist at 847-758-4888. About other passengers: Contact the school office to report any issue with regard to behavior on the bus.

BUS PASSES: Starting October 1st, all students will need to show their bus pass in order to ride the bus!

Additional bus information can be found at the transportation link on the District 25 website.

Our students practiced bus evacuation procedures on 10/18/22 and will have a second opportunity to practice this on 4/13/23.