News Update:Archives War

By: Aj Nwokorie

How it all stared

The Mexican Government was upset with Texas because of the Lamar Administrations actions. So in the Spring of 1842 700 soldiers under General Rafael Vasquez entered Texas. They attacked Goliad, Refugio, Victoria, and San Antonio. " We were all scared because we didn't know where they would attack next." Said a citizen of San Felipe De Austin

Archives War

On March 10th Sam Houston (president) called an emergency session with the Texas Congress. Thinking/fearing that the Mexicans would attack Austin (And possibly get a hold of the archives), he called it in Houston. The unknowing citizens of Austin thought he was making Houston the capitol again. So they created a vigilante committee and warned the department heads that if they tried to move any state papers they would be met with armed resistance. Led by Angelina Eberly, they fired at any officials trying to load the documents Houston ordered into a wagon. " We had to stop them for the future of Austin." Quote from Angelina Eberly. Then the Congress at the Washington-on-the-Brazos at the end of December 1842 sent a company of rangers under Col.Thomas, I.Smith, and Eli.Chandler. On January 1st, 1843 the vigilante committee seized a cannon and overtook the wagon at Kennedy's Fort on Bushy Creek. The rangers gave up the papers after a couple of shots were fired to avoid bloodshed. The archives were returned to Austin and remained there until Austin became the capitol again in 1844