In Search of the Universal God

The Phenomenon Of Universal God – The Ultimate Quest For Mankind!

We all need support of almighty; we all somewhere down the line feel the need of the Universal God. Few believe that they can, in reality, prove that God exists. But to be very honest and clear in thoughts I feel that proving the Universal God is not the regime and one cannot actually prove his existence. He is the creator and he shall not be proved rather he should be worshipped and explored. Universal God is always in the deep thoughts of people, all over their minds and hearts.

Some people possess a firm belief that God exists, and, also believe that by being soft and living an exemplary life; they can or might go to heaven. The rest of the crowd is not sure of what are they doing and crib on things in life. They themselves are not sure about their own thoughts and have doubt on their own existence, thus they end being sad and unsatisfied. Mankind is the only creature and the species that is conscious of the predictability of life and death; due to this reason and unwelcome comprehension, the positive plunders from being just capable to use the greater minds to attain a sheltered and comfortable life are battered by the existential nervousness that, after so many years, will be over.

The ultimate goal of life shall be the universal brotherhood and achieving Global peace. It has to be understood that, being human, we all experience anxiety and conflicts at every point of life. We most likely have practiced this existential anxiety in superior or slighter degree. One needs to find the right place to discuss about human well being, Universal God and Global Peace. There are few judgments that may take you to the periphery off your anxiety. For those who believe in the naturalistic notion of "what you perceive is what you obtain”, the entire idea gets misplaced when they see the worldview is lacking the console of a spiritual belief of Universal God and Brotherhood. This has a propensity to be ameliorated by the self- sycophantic feeling of not making fool to oneself.

Few harbor myths on the existence of Universal God for some the myth is about global peace, and for others, these myths are unimportant. No matter how complicated and unfathomable the mystery be the thought process of the person and thinking plays an important role in recognizing the implausible myth on Universal God. One shall not curse and obviate a lucid deliberation that there may be an originator or some sort of ultimate realism who is, in true terms, accountable for our existence. Whether it be in the form of religious beliefs or simply following cosmos powers, you ultimately bow your head in front of the creator who eventually is responsible for all life on earth.

By true means, if one believes in a higher power then he will find that the Universal God exists within his own self. Visit to know more.

About The Book

Have you ever wondered if God discriminates against anybody for being a Hindu, a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew or a practitioner of any other faith? answers this question and many more. It is a self-help guide for people who wish to learn the truth about the REAL God, the God of humankind.