What is 9/11 ?

On September 11, 2001 the world was changed forever.Three places in America were attacked by terrorist who hijacked four planes.Two planes crashed in The World Trade Center in New York City.One plane crashed in to the Pentagon.The other plane crashed in to a little town called Shanksville , Penneslyvania a field was effected, because people knew that the plane would crash so they faught back.There was so many signs of braveness and heroism on September 11,2001

"It's Us Or Nobody"

"It's us or nobody'' yelled David Tarantino. For Jerrell "Jerry" Henson it was a breathtaking moment if Tarantino didn't see Henson's eyes he wouldn't survive. Thomas was helping free any people he saw. But sadly Thomas lost his best friend Dolan to American Airlines Flight 77.People took parts of clothing and tore it so that they could dip it in water and have a little bit of protection from the heat and deadly gasses. Tarantino threw away his damaged uniform and even tossed out his shoes; the soles had melted. But Thomas kelt his ruined khakis-as well as Tarantino's nametag (as a reminder of that infamous day).


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