12 Days of Christmas

Day 5 - Do Some Good

When it get's to Christmas time everyone eagerly anticipates the new John Lewis advert and then the discussions begin about wether any other companies can touch them on their sentimental value. Aldi had a good effort at competing on another level this year by bring a bit of comedy into the same theme John Lewis used but there was one other advert that really caught our eye this year and that one came from the Co-Op. Check it out below...
The Co-op Food 2015 Christmas Ad 84"
We're sure that you will all have heard of the 'Pay it Forward' concept where as if someone does some good for you instead of paying it back they can pay it forward to someone else? Well try kickstarting a bit of that with your own random act of kindness. It could be something small, it might be something huge but don't underestimate the value that an act like this can have on others. Go do some good in this world!