Mass Hysteria

Mr. Versace

Salem Witch Trials

12 People were killed in Salem, Massachusetts when one person was accused of being a witch. When that person was accused, mass hysteria took over and eventually 12 people were accused and sent to death.

Laughter Epidemic

On January the 30th, in a small village called Kashasha, a strange laughter started to spread throughout. In the middle of class, 3 girls burst into hysterical laughter for seemingly no reason. With the influence of the 3 girls, the laughter soon spread to the whole school. The teaching staff, very confused as to why the children were laughing so much, were forced to send everyone home. Sending the kids home though only made the spread bigger. Laughter attacks reached all the way to Nshamba. Scientists believe that the laughter was caused by the immense stress the students were under.


There are many things that make the Salem Witch Trials similar to the Kashasha Laughter Epidemic. The similarities between the two is that they both started with children (girls), mob mentality was very prevalent, and a lot of people were affected or accused.
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