"Earths Revolution" By: Daysha Krahn, 3rd Hour

Ten Facts About Ethology

  • In this occupations you will need to observe animals
  • Need to be used to anyway weather conditions
  • You are required to have a Batcherlors Degree
  • Or you can have specialized training
  • But for a full time job in this profession you will need graduate degree, like a masters
  • You will have compition to get this occupation
  • You income is about $58,270 per year
  • Some helpful high school courses are biology, AP, and IB
  • Most who take up this occupation got to zoos, aquariums, and museums
  • For those who have to treat animals may require state veterinarian practitioners license

Pros and Cons for Ethology


  • One pro for this occupation is getting to work in different settings. You can go from being outside, to being in a museum, to a zoo, and much more.
  • Another pro is meeting new people. You can have and get many new friends from all around the world and experience new things.
  • Last pro is you can understand history and revolution more than others. It will make you more adaptable to the future.

  • There is a lot if traveling, in witch you can get sick of over time.
  • You do have to go to school or about 4-8 years.
  • You will also have to deal with bad weather conditions from time to time.

High School/ College

In High School the number one class I should take would be Biology. I would need to learn how different body, plants, and the earth work and there behaviors. In college I could go in a couple of different classes but the most important one that I could go into is just plain ethology. Though I could also go into ecology. I would need to get my high school deploma, and j would need at least 4-8 years of college to get a Master, or Ph.D for Etholohy.

Kaphlan Universiry

  • In this school I would get my degree in Health Science
  • It has many different offering for the science field
  • Have more hands on programs


  • One pro is in state tuition
  • Second pro is it's an online school
  • Third pro is it is close to home


  • I would need 180 credits
  • Three teams of instructal time
  • It is also a heparder school to get into

This school is located at 4350 East West Highway
Suite 555 Bethesda, MD 20814, there number is 800.987.7734. To check out this college go to this link

Penn Foster Career School


  • No interest fees
  • New experiences out of state
  • More of a hands in learning
  • Out of state tuition
  • Online
  • Long distance away

Where it's located 925 Oak Street, Scranton, PA 18515


To go to this school go to this link

Liberty University Online

  • It's online
  • Good if interested in technology
  • Largest non profit online school


  • Will need 18 credits
  • Out of state
  • Will absolutely need financial aid
Where it's located

939 Airport Road Lynchburg, VA 24502, phone number tel:(434) 582-2183, if you would like to go here here's the link


Do you like, working with animals? Seeing how they behave. Then you should consider being an ethnologist. You just have to get a batchloers degree in ethology. But if you do try and take up this job you will have some compition. Though you can work outside for your occupation and get a great pay of $58,270 per year. If you are interested in this occupation go call the number below.