Subject: Endangered Animals


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What is "Discovering Stem in Nature"?

"Discovering Stem in Nature" is an Erasmus+ Ka210 project carried out in partnership with Lithuania, North Macedonia, Estonia and Turkey. Within the scope of the project, studies are carried out for preschool students to discover Stem in nature. It was decided to examine learning from recycling in North Macedonia, learning from plants in Lithuania, learning from animals in Turkey and learning from water in Estonia. The 3rd meeting of the project was held at Denizciler Mustafa Kemal Primary School in Hatay/Iskenderun. The subject of the project in Turkey is endangered animals.

Partners Were Welcomed With Folk Dances

The folk dance show prepared by Selda Temir and her students was watched with interest by the project partners, parents and students.

Project Meeting

In the meeting we held with our partners, the school principal Eyyup Korkmaz introduced the Turkish education system. Preschool teacher Rukiye Akyol gave information about the project objectives and meeting schedule.

Lesson Topic: Endangered Animals

Kindergarten teacher Rukiye Akyol introduced the subject of animals with her students. Project partners also attended the conference. She explained that animals are divided into 3 groups as animals that live on land, in water and that can fly, that some animals are extinct, and some animals are about to become extinct. The students were divided into groups. Elif Demir had the students make the mask of the endangered mountain gazelle. Nadide Yıldırım had the students do a reflection experiment with mirrors. Rukiye Akyol and her students created a representative conservation area for the endangered stag beetle.

After the event, the gifts prepared by our students and parents were presented to our partners by our students.

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Drama Show

The drama show "Little House in the Forest" was performed by Rukiye Akyol's students. Noticing the abandoned house in the forest, the mouse decides to live there. Then the rabbits, foxes, dogs, cats and bears take turns spotting the house. At the end of the show, which includes dialogues between them, all animals become friends and live together at home. The performances of the students in the show were applauded by the parents and partners.

Gift to Our Friends in Nature

Mangers and animal shelters were built to be gifted to animals living in nature. Under the leadership of Gülümser Korkmaz, the animal shelter and manger were made by painting and combining the bins. The teams formed by each country completed their rosters by making symbols specific to their own countries. They were then released to nature.
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Day 2 event: Long Live Mountain Gazelle

On the second day of our project, we organized a cultural trip to the endangered mountain gazelle production center, which is only in Turkiye/Hatay and Israel. Nuri Akın, Forestry Engineer at the center, gave information about how the mountain gazelle lives, how and what it is fed, and why its extinction is endangered. We had the chance to see mountain gazelles up close.
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Antakya Trip

Together with our project partners, we visited the world's first cave church, Saint Pierre Church, and Hatay Archeology Museum. Then, we ended the day with the introduction of Hatay Cuisine in Belen, accompanied by a magnificent view. It was a tiring but productive day.

Day 3 Event: Visiting District Representatives

Our Erasmus+ project started on the 3rd day of Discovering STEM in Nature with a visit to the District Governor of Iskenderun, Murat Sefa Demiryurek. The District Governor was very interested in our project and its partners. He expressed his satisfaction with the successful execution of the project. Then we visited our District Director of National Education Ali Haytaz. Ali Haytaz said that he was very pleased with the implementation of the projects. He also said that with these projects, we had the opportunity to represent our country and our province abroad in the best possible way.

Let's Get to Know the Schools in Turkey

We visited Naciye Suna Oktay Tekin Kindergarten and Mavi Child Kindergarten. Students and teachers at Naciye Suna Tekin Oktay Kindergarten performed a rhythm show for our partners. After the school trip at the Blue Child Academy, a special treat for Hatay was given. Both school staff took great care of the guests. Our partners expressed that they like both schools very much.

Project Presentations Were Made

Our partners presented their animal-related activities at their school. In addition, the partners introduced endangered animals living in their countries.

Students' Shows and Animal Costume Fashion Show Was Very Admired

The show prepared by the class of preschool teacher Elif Demir was appreciated by the audience. After the show, Rukiye Akyol's students got full marks from the project partners with their animal costume fashion show from recycling. The show and fashion show ended with applause by the project partners and parents. The excitement and happiness of the students was evident on their faces.

Payas Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Complex and Mosque Visit

Payas Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Complex and Mosque were visited. The guide, who was in charge of the complex, explained the importance of the complex, the castle and the mosque. The olive tree in its historical building is 1350 years old. The tree, which produces 300 kilograms of product per year, is the oldest fruit-bearing olive tree in the world. The olive tree, which was highly appreciated by our partners, left its mark on the trip.
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Day 4 event: Art that Families Do with Their Children...

The 4th day activities started with an exhibition of painting and art activities prepared by Elif Demir with her students' families. The activities received full marks from the project partners.

Hama Beads Workshop

Under the leadership of Nadide Yıldırım, the project partners worked on hama beads. In the study of animals, everyone gave their full attention to the study. It was emphasized that the study was an example of coding. They turned it into a fridge ornament with a magnet attached to the back of the work to keep it as a souvenir.They thanked our teacher Nadide Yıldırım.
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Freedom Demonstration... Look, freedom is on my right, on my left, behind me, above

The students were very excited for the "Freedom" song performance by our students. After the show, the flying balloons that the students flew together with their project partners created magnificent images. The joy of the students made the project partners smile as well. Let joy and freedom shake the world, as in the lyrics.

Certificate Ceremony

After the successful meeting, the certificates of the project partners were presented by the school principal Eyyup Korkmaz.
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Iskenderun City Tour

Iskenderun beach, Millet Park, inner city were visited with partners. They said that they admired the warm-blooded nature of the people of Iskenderun, their food and mild weather.

Day 5 event: Hatay Expo Area Trip

The last day event of our project started with a tour of the Hatay Expo area. The area of endemic animals and plants living in the expo area was visited. Milleyha wetland miniature was visited. The project partners received expert training on the importance of this place. They had the opportunity to examine different animals and plants in a virtual environment. The first living plant museum in the world was visited. In the aromatic plants section, the partners had the opportunity to see how the oils obtained from the plants grown in the region were formed. Afterwards, the lake area and archaeological excavation area in the Expo area were visited. After the Hatay Expo tour, which everyone admired, Antakya city center and Uzun bazaar were visited.
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Sad Farewell

We are very sad that the meeting in Iskenderun has ended. After a hectic 5 day event, it's time to say goodbye. We are sad to leave. but we are happy to meet at the meeting in the event in March. See you at the next meeting