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February 14, 2015

Feedback and Action Plans

On Wednesday morning our building was full of campus principals from throughout the district as well as school board members. Using a template reflecting parts the Learning Platform Rubric as well as leading questions for debriefing, we received feedback to help us as we continue to move toward the learning platform.

Evidence of LEAD 2021 in our building included goal setting, collaboration, technology usage, and positive classroom cultures. Two major themes arose: PLT and technology. More specifically, what are our expectations for both. These two themes will be our focus for the coming weeks, defining the expectations for both, implementing, and then measuring growth toward our campus goals.

I am proud of the growth we have made together and look forward to continuously improving as we build an excellent school together!


  • Thank you Shelly and Denise for keeping our students and staff safe by Raptoring all of our visitors for the Valentine's Day parties!

  • Nancy C. and Jeanette had their students participate in the Schroeder Grant Competition. Thank you both for participating!

  • A HUGE shout out to Sue and Sandy for putting together Jump Rope for Heart for our Texans! The students learned about heart health, the joy of helping others, and had the opportunity to be peer leaders. Thank you both!

  • Thank you Jeanette and Hayden for sharing healthy snacks with the staff on Friday!

What is open house?

Traditionally, open house afforded schools an opportunity to spotlight student work, more specifically, China plate projects cover every inch of classroom and hallway walls. As we move into the digital age, with all of our students using Google Drive as a method to store work samples and pictures of projects, the question of the purpose of open house arises. Why do we have open house at BES? What is the purpose of the Thursday night event during Texas Public Schools Week?

Open house is a time for students to run the show. They pick products they want to share with their guest, could be something they put in their Google Drive or an experiment in their science notebook or an app they really enjoy using in class or a piece of artwork in the hallway. Open house is about our students. It is a time to open our doors and welcome people into our building and classroom to foster relationships with our families.

Open house is not a dog and pony show. The classroom and hallway walls should not be plastered with work created just for the purpose of open house. It is not an added stressor.

We will talk more about open house in the coming days and weeks. I just wanted you to have an idea of my expectations for March 3.


Over the next week, we will have several visitors in the building.
  • Writer's Workshop on Monday, 2/15: Along with having Trent here to guide us through Writer's Workshop, we will have staff members from CES, TES, CAN, DES, and OCT. If you are unsure of where you are suppose to be on this day, please see Jamie or Tonya.
  • Labsites on Wednesday, 2/17: Trent and Alyssa will be visiting classrooms to conduct model lessons with one class per grade-level. The visit will include a pre-conference, labsite lesson, and post conference. Click here for the schedule.
  • Parents on Wednesday & Thursday, 2/17 & 2/18: The building will be filled with family members learning about the progress and goals of their students. Please let Jamie and Tonya know the times you are planning conferences so we can make arrangements for the front door to be accessible.


  • GT Referral Window: For grades 1-4 is open from February 15 - February 29. Please take a few minutes to think about the students you work with each day. Do they think critically? Are the they creative? Do they need extra challenges? Are they behavior concerns? If you said yes to any of the above, visit with Lori and/or Sheri about a GT recommendation. Remember our GT LEAD classes are not math/reading specific, they serve students who exhibit above average general intellectual abilities. Rachel's Challenge: Mark the date for the Rachel's Challenge 5K and rally. Please see the attached flyer for more information about the race and rally. Click here to purchase a Rachel's Challenge t-shirt (same blue shirt from as last year).

  • Schedule change on Friday, February 19th. The 5th graders will be taking a field trip to CMS from 9:00-11:30. Because this is Sock Hop Day 5th grade is going to switch specials time with 4th grade so they can be judged in the costume contest.

  • Valor: Applications for Valor came out Monday, February 8. The Vanguard Association of Learning, Observation, and Reflection is a group of innovative, growth-minded teachers striving to reach new heights as educators as they work collaboratively to advance the achievement of their students through observation, reflection and scholarship. For more information on Valor, please visit the Valor website.

  • Mowing: Please be aware that beginning next week our mowing/landscaping day is changing from Wednesdays to Fridays. Please let Denise know if the mowers are on the playground during your recess times.

Remember to... Check this list, check it twice!

  • Save the date for The GCISD Innovative Teaching with Technology Conference - June 14: Rather than EdCamp this year, the instructional technology team is hosting a true conference for GCISD teachers. George Couros will be the keynote speaker. GCISD teachers and instructional coaches will lead breakout sessions. Eduphoria registration, Call for Presenters, and more information about George Couros may be found here: https://goo.gl/ZwmpyD .
  • Turn in your order form for the Sock Hop and In and Out Burger! Please remind your families to do the same in your weekly newsletter. Thank you!
  • Visit with Raschel about National Read Aloud Day. (see below)
  • Vote for Para and Teacher of the Year. (see above)
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National Read Aloud Day

Wednesday, Feb. 24 is National Read Aloud Day. There are a variety of activities to help your class participate, if you so choose. More information can be found here:


If several of you would like to participate, Raschel will be happy to register our campus, instead of individual teachers . There are several authors who are willing to Skype with classes for free if you would like to do that. Here is the link to the list.


Dr. Newell has offered to organize some school leaders to come do some read alouds if you're interested.

Let Raschel know if you would like to participate and how I can help you!

Science Safari

Mark your calendars for Science Safari on March 11th. Thank you third grade for sharing your PTA field trip!

5th Grade 8:30 a.m. to 9:10 a.m.

Kinder 9:15 a.m. to 9:55 a.m.

2nd Grade 10:00 a.m. to 10:40 a.m.

4th Grade 10:45 a.m. to 11:25 a.m.

Lunch break from 11:25 a.m. to 12:10 p.m.

1st Grade 12:10 p.m. to 12:50 p.m. .

3rd Grade 12:55 p.m. to 1:35 p.m.

Number Sense Essentials Series

To build a deep understanding of number, primary grade teachers spend a great deal of time teaching in a constrained range of numbers. It can be challenging to continue instruction with rich tasks throughout the year.

Join us on Tuesday, February 16th, at 4 p.m. EST for Part 2 of our series—Using Rekenreks, Ten Frames, and Base Ten Blocks to Connect Counting with Operations. Dr. Sara Delano Moore will share activities which use Rekenreks, Ten Frames, and Base Ten Blocks to help young children connect counting with operations. Join Sara to talk about understanding addition and subtraction by connecting them with counting.

Click here to register.

Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to Bransford! Students will be able to preview the book fair on Friday, February 26th and the book fair will open for business during school hours on Monday, February 29th through noon Friday, March 4th. We will also be open Thursday night, March 3rd, from 6:00-7:30, during and after Bransford's Open House.

Parents can now check out our Book Fair website and can order their books online beginning Feb. 20! By ordering online, you can order at your convenience, with extended hours, and you can also be guaranteed to receive your selections even if it sells out at school. Books ordered online will be delivered to your child at school. Click this link to learn more about online shopping: http://bookfairs.scholastic.com/bookfairs/cptoolkit/homepage.do?method=homepage&url=bransfordelemsch

Remember, all purchases benefit our school library!

Week at a Glance

What's going on around BES this week?


Professional Learning 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


PLCs: Professional Learning Implementation

Team Leaders at 3:10 p.m in the Denise Romo's Room

GCISD Special Programs Expo


11:45 a.m. Release for Students

Student Led Conferences

Chipolte Spirit Night


11:45 a.m. Release for Students

Student Led Conferences

Third Grade Program, 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.


Sock Hop: Wear your favorite 50's clothes!

Junk Day in 2nd Grade

5th Grade to CMS


Happy Birthday Corrie

Where in the World...

My goal is to keep you abreast of my intended calendar to the best of my ability. Here's a two week preview.

2/15: BES & CES Professional Learning

2/16: BES :)

2/17: Trent & Alyssa Labsite Visits, BES Chipolte Spirit Night

2/18: BES :)

2/19: BES :)

2/22: BES :)

2/23: BES :)

2/24: BES :)

2/25: BES :)

2/26: BES :)