Cold War Webquest

Rakeish Allen

Iron Curtain

Wall dividing the Soviet Union after World War II.It caused further conflict for The Soviet Union

Cuban Missile Crisis

Tense Stare down between the U.S. and Cuba. It was a 13 day stare down/delay of the war that resulted with no results.

38th Parallel

The line separating North and South Korea. It caused problems to divide North and South Korea with different beliefs where The U.S. kept pushing back and forth against the communist to help out there ally democratic country South Korea.

Vietnam War

The The North and South Korea combined to form the Vietcong and fought the U.S.It was just a waste of time with no blood shed between the U.S. and Viet Cong.

Fidel Castro

Dictator of Cuba who made it the first Communist state in the Western hemisphere.By causing conflict with the U.S. with the missile crisis.


Stop a hostile country or influences expansion. Kept countries that were isolated trying to regain back their freedom


Being on the verge of war.People kept on making threats to others unless they listen to their orders. So they give in to their orders so that it won’t cause another world war.

Douglas Macarthur

American general. Was once a great general before declared as being crazy once he suggested the bombing of another country.