City Yoga Lessons

Real Madrid

stage 2 :

what should they do when paying bills and using a bank account regarding credit and debt ?

they shouldpay the bills on time and also the credit you have to pay it in the due date , if you don't then you will have a poor credit.

what should they know about car and education loans and debt ?

you should the interest rate if you want to get a car loan then you have to get the lowest interest rate possible.

how can they start saving and investing to increase wealth while managing credit/debt ?

they can save from their job . they have to open a saving account with a good interst rate or they can buy certificate deposit to earn a better interest so they can save and earn more money.

how can they build and protect their credit score ?

they can build their credit score by the history , the more time the better credit score , also paying the credit on time is important if you don't pay on time several times then you will end up with a poor credit.

stage 3 :

with living expenses, what should they understand about credit/ debit?

*most of the person must pay their taxes and should not borrow ypur salary can not cover. If they pay their taxes on time will have good credit for future loans to banks

They may have a lot of loan- what about loans would be important advice?

*3 important things you can do

*checks your credit report: credit score repair beging with your credit report

*reduce the amount of debt your own : this is easier said than done, but