News From Mrs. C

Our class news for the week of Sept. 16th-20th

Tidbits From the Teacher

Hello There!

I received the sweetest get well cards on Friday from the class. Thank you for those notes of encouragement. They worked!! Our sub said that the class was just the best she's ever worked with and they worked hard on each assignment. Way to go class!!

Things to Do/Remember:

1. Go ahead and fill out your volunteer info for the year to be cleared for field trips, etc.

RRISD Volunteer Link

2. Send $4.42 by check or cash for Time For Kids periodical (checks made out to Sommer Elem. with driver's license number on them). I need these by Wed., Sept. 18th!!

3. Please read over the FAQs on my website for helpful information. They're there to help me save time during class.

4. There is a link to have your child join the Birthday Book Club. It's on the librarian's page but here's a quicker way to get there: Birthday Book Club Link

Dates to Remember

Sept. 18th: All TFK money is due

Sept. 20th: Wear RED for assembly and Freedom Walk

Oct. 2nd: Picture Day

Oct. 29th: TAG Information Night @ 6pm

What We'll Be Learning...

Math- This week we are exploring number sense, drawing conclusions from graphs, looking for patterns and relationships in numbers, and reviewing the symbols for greater than/less than. We learned a game on Monday called "What Am I?" and we practiced using our schema about number lines plus the data we were given about a number line to guess what would most likely be the mystery number on the number line. We'll be talking about our reasoning and logic for making choices many, many times this year.

Social Studies- This week is Celebrate Freedom week so we'll be taking a closer look at the Constitution and what freedom means to Americans. We have several activities planned along the week. Our biggest celebration will occur on Friday during morning assembly. Each class is wearing a special color and is taking part in the Freedom Walk after assembly. Our special color to wear is RED. Wear RED on Friday, Sept. 20th.

Writing- Students will begin their year of being authors by learning about the expectations of Writing Workshop. We'll set up our writing folders and jump into the fun of writing about our lives-the area where each person is an expert. (This is our last week of set-up.)

Reading- We will continue to use our ability to make connections while reading to help us better understand what we are reading this week. We'll be working with non-fiction text this week.

We'll also explore settings and how to prove our information using pictures and words as support. A review of main characters will also be a part of our week. We'll look at how we could describe the actions, feelings, and thoughts of a main character.

Spelling/Handwriting- We are starting handwriting and spelling by the end of the month. Due to the large amount of time we are using to gather reading data on each child with our new reading assessment, it's taking longer than we thought. Spelling and handwriting require direct guidance and we want to set up expectations correctly.

Class Wish List

-any books (picture or chapter) that you are no longer reading at home

-one copy each of Jon Klassen's I Want My Hat Back or This Is Not My Hat

-batteries for our flashlights (sizes D, AAA, AA)