Islamic art & music

By: Amagee Sims and Nicholas Lewis


In the seventh century, Islamic art was introduced to the Islamic society, around the time it's religion was introduced. Islamic art is very important in Islamic society.Islamic art can be fond is everywhere from religious buildings to temples, homes, and on holy books or "Qur'an". From the purpose of expressing thoughts about nature and the world around us to expressing the many aspects of Allah ( the Arabic term for God). But they do not believe in depicting the faces of their religious leader or God.

Art aspects

Artists would also make decorative plates, candlesticks ,and glassware.Textiles are decorative cloths that can also be made by artists and are important as practical Islamic trade items. Textiles were even used to show rank and social status, with various cloths such as: wool,linen, silk ,and cotton, and even some embroided with gold.They use motifs such as calligraphy( the most famous) and arabesque on buildings. Arabesque is a geometric and floral design that is know for looking plant like with stems, leaves , and flowers. Caligraphy is the art of beautiful handwriting that is considered one of the highest forms of art, because it is considered worthy for the recording of words from Allah.

Art contributions

Islamic contributions to art are the Taj Mahal and many beautiful mosques. The art was influenced by many cultures and left its mark in the cultures from which it was influenced which inspired many artists inside and out of the Islamic society.


Famous Islamic musician Ziryab established Europe's first conservatory( music school). Many musicians that attended there were hired in royal courts across the world. Singing was an important part in Muslim-Spain's musical culture. Musicians and poets would come together to make songs. Vocalists performed the song accompanied by drums, flutes, and lute( ancestor to violin.).
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Contributions to music

Although their music may not be around in most of the places Muslim culture influenced, it still inspired other musical forms.
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