Friday Feedback

We're almost there! - Friday May 13 Edition

"Behaviors of a Collaborative Culture"

I thought Wednesday's session with Mike Stiemsma and Doreen Underwood was a nice presentation to glue all of the pieces we do here together. In other words, it's nice to hear from an outside perspective that we are doing a lot of things well. We have a lot of work still to do, but that's the beauty of collaboration = we will accomplish our goals together. I really liked his presentation as a kick-off event for our Instructional Coaches because they can help individuals and TEAMS to focus their efforts on areas that have the most impact and redirect teams who are side tracked by those variables that are out of our control.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, no gimmick or gadget or piece of technology can replace the #1 factor influencing success = the effectiveness of the people that are leading our kids.

Thanks for being very effective while continuously striving to become better. We're all lifelong learners.

What's Coming Up?

Important Dates and Reminders -

Thursday May 19 - 6th Grade Incentive Trip = They Made It!; 7th/8th grade Graduation Procession Tunnel (details coming soon)

Thursday May 19 - MS Choir Concert - 7 pm in KMS Gym

Friday May 20 - "Move Up Day" (click for details); MS Spring Fling Dance - 6-8 pm @ KMS

The Last Week of School

Monday 5/23 - All kinds of incentives and trips taking place; Grade Verification Due by 3:30

Last Two Days Schedule (click for details)