Missouri State University

Dual Credit 110 & 210

TEACHER: Miss Amy Sampson

Email: asampson@monettschools.org
MHS Phone: 417-235-5445
Twitter: @Sampsonation
Link to full syllabus: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tyHOiRVpjhJGTVr4-jlPDerHcy7O2OY6tTIUTlMMyzY/edit?usp=sharing

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1. Attendance is crucial. If you're splitting a class, I don't recommend you split this one. MSU requires you to be in class a certain amount of hours per week. We're currently at the bare minimum of that requirement. Two absences or more a week will cause you to be required to make up seat time before or after school, not during other times or resource time UNLESS it is with me. Please let me know during the first week if attendance will be an issue with your schedule.
2. You'll write a minimum of five papers/projects each semester.
3. You're expected to write an 8-10 page argumentative research paper over a topic fitting in line with each semester theme.
4. Expect a challenge. It is not easy to get an A in this class. As long as you do your work, though, you will pass!
5. Weekly writings: you'll have 12-16 due each semester. They're due EVERY Friday emailed OR handed into me by 3:10. Anything turned in after 3:10 will be docked a letter grade.
6. Independent reading and writing. Expect homework every week.
7. Expect me to help you, but at the same time not baby you. You are expected to do your part on each assignment!
8. Expect me to be prompt, but also give me some time to grade! I will return most everything to you within a full week (7 classroom days).


1. Late work won't fly. You lose a letter grade each day the paper/assignment/test/assessment/project/etc is due UP TO TWO CLASS DAYS LATE. No exceptions. Absent? You better email it! This is MSU policy.
2. Weekly writings, book quizzes, and tests cannot be reassessed. You get the grade you get.
3. All papers EXCEPT for the 8-10 page paper AND any others noted by the teacher can be redone for up to 15% of the grade you received the first time. For example, let's say you scored an 80% on the first paper. You can redo it and get up to 15% of 80 points back (12 points is 15% of 80).
4. Plagiarism/Cheating in any form is NOT accepted and the consequences are more strict than our school's. The first offense is an automatic 0 on the assignment/assessment and three detentions or ISS. You will redo the assignment fully but not be issued points. The second offense you will receive an F for the semester course, and, FYI, you can't get your money back. You'll also be reported to MSU's Provost. (Improper/accidental citation issues are discussed in the full syllabus and will cause for a 10% grade reduction on the paper.)
5. I will ALWAYS let you know if an assignment is academic assessment or practice. You're expected to do all and turn all in on time. The big paper, again, cannot be redone and will count as your final, even though it is turned in before the end of the semester.

6. The big paper will count as TWO assessment grades.

7. Assessments are 85%, practice/homework is 15%.