Randy Couture

A Veteran, Fighter, and an Activist

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Early Life

Randy couture started wrestling at age 10. He joined the wrestling team in high school, and then joined the US Army after graduating. In the Army, he was picked to join the All-Army Wrestling Team where he won multiple competitions. He became a full time wrestler for the Army after he won the 5th Corps Regional Championship. After leaving the Army, Randy Couture was selected as a secondary for the Men's Olympic Wrestling Team.
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Wrestling in the MMA

Randy couture had always been a wrestler, and that had worked for him up through his 6 year career in the Army, but the UFC was different. with people of all different fighting styles and fighting backgrounds were put into the ring with him. Randy knew that he would be able to beat his opponents if he could wrestle them, but had to learn other styles of fighting as well to be able to get them to a position to use his strengths to his own advantage.

MMA Career

Randy had a very successful career in the MMA, becoming one of the best fighters, being the first to hold 2 different championship titles in 2 different weight class divisions in the UFC. Randy was also a 6-time champion in the UFC. Randy was a dominating figure in the ring, and retired with a 19/11 record (30 fights and he won almost 20 of them).

From Fighter to Commentator

Randy Couture became such a dominant figure in the ring, that when he was not able to continue to fight, no one wanted to see him leave the sport. Dana White, the President of The UFC hired Couture to be a commentator for the fights as he was able to see things from a fighters perspective to give more excitement to how people heard what was happening as well as knowing the fighters and how they fight because he had been in the ring with some of them.
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Giving Back

Randy Couture started the Xtreme Couture GI Foundation, a 501 (c)3 non-profit corporation, in 2009 to honor the men and women of the United States Military and to help wounded soldiers and their families. " I wore Army green for 6 years and I know the sacrifice these brave men and women make every day to uphold our nation's military doctrine and protect the American way of life." (Couture XCGIF).