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The way war is conducted today, our limited resources, the nature of our society and the size of our country, require that our country have a Total Defence capability which involves not only the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) but also the civilian population.

Through Total Defence, every sector of society is mobilised and has a part to play to ensure Singapore's security.

In Total Defence, our people are organised to defend the country against all forms of attack, both military and non-military. Total Defence comprises the 5 pillars viz. Psychological Defence, Social Defence, Economic Defence, Civil Defence and Military Defence.

Psychological Defence is each person's commitment to and confidence in the nation's future.

Social Defence is about people living and working together in harmony and spending time on the interests of the nation and community.

Firefighters on their training

Singapore Firefighter Flashover Training

Things needed to be a life saver!

Another very important area of study, although classes aren’t offered for it, is problem solving. Like all types of engineering, civil engineering is about solving problems. The engineer is presented with a problem and expected to find a solution for it. Whether that problem is spanning a river, stopping coastal erosion, providing water for farmers in arid climates or preventing a building from falling in an earthquake, everything a civil engineer does is problem solving.

Firefighters in ACTION!

These are some of the examples of what firefighters are going through.
Singapore Civil Defence Force - The Life Saving Force