Music and Behaviors

Genres of Music, Go With Certain Behaviors?


Certain kinds of music influence certain behaviors. all the music genres listed above most often influence the same behaviors in people.

Children's Music

Children's music like sing-along, cause a very obvious behavior like singing along. Another type of music that influence behavior are lullabies. these sorts of songs cause the behavior of falling asleep.

Dance Music

The most common type of music the causes behaviors like dancing is dance music. This type of music can make any one, even if you cant dance you just cant help getting up and dancing.

Holiday Music

Music that influences behavior like hugs and lots of love is holiday music. Many people during Christmas like to put on traditional Holiday music like Christmas carols; most of the time this type of music makes us hug people, they also make us happier and generous.

New Age Music

The type of music that influences behaviors like relaxation and peace is new age music. People like to listen to this type of music to make them have a more calm behavior. they use it mostly for mediation and sleeping.

Rock Music

Rock music cause behaviors of letting go. When listening to rock music most people feel free and they are led to behaviors they would never do if rock music didn't encourage them.