Remove Assad

Make Syria Peaceful

You Can't Spell Assad Without Ass

Millions of innocent civilians are dying due to the war caused by Bashar All Assad. His use of chemical warfare on his citizens is highly inhumane and immoral. He is only encouraging conflict in the Middle East!

We must get involved! Stop the Killing

Save our Democracy!

Assad's oppressive and evil tactics could gain momentum. If it continues, it will spread, and eventually leak into the United States. Imagine a United States filled with dictatorship, constant war, and violence. It could happen, but don't let it happen!

Develop Syria

Let's help Syria become Democratic! Democracy is the best so let's help implement it in Syria.

This country has so much promise, however Assad is tearing down this nation. Syria needs democracy! Syria needs the USA!

Thousands of people have already joined this cause, so should you!

Wake up America, take Assad down! Save innocent lives! Save Democracy! Save Syria!