Cool?Indentity,Drugs & Fitting in

What do teens consider to be cool?

What does it mean to be 'cool'?

We think that it means to be cool by being the center of attention and being the popular kids of the school.Like being the cheerleaders and jocks of the school and having a whole bunch of friends. Augustus and Hazel think being a "normal" person is like being cool. And just enjoying life and not taking things for granted.

How Important is it to be cool and how important is it to fit in?

We think that most teens think that it is important to fit in because they want to live their life in a fun way too and not be the "nerds" of the school and be picked on or gossiped about. To fit is it like not being the outcast of the school and be able to blend in easily so you get less drama to deal with. For Hazel and Augustus it's not important for them to be cool. Being cool for then is acting like themselves and enjoying the time that they have together. But for Hazel she wants to breath normally and fit in with other teens because she doesn't like to carry around an oxygen tank and she doesn't like to be starred at when she is walking around.

Teens Today and what some do.

What is the advantage of being around people who have similar outlooks and interests?

We think that being around people who have the similar outlooks and interest is a good advantage because then you won't influenced bad and you will get along easier with the person than going through all the drama of getting mad at each other. Hazel and Augustus both get along with each other they both went through something that they are both familiar with and they both know how it feels.

Why do you think young people use drugs/alcohol

We think that young people use drugs and alcohol because sometimes the 'cool' kids do it so they want to fit in and they think that if they do those things then they won't get picked on anymore. Hazel and Augustus don't do any drugs or alcohol, but Augustus puts a cigarette in his mouth but he uses that as a metaphor.

Are drugs and alcohol a big problem for teens? At what point is using drugs and alcohol become a problem?

We think that drugs and alcohol is a big problem because lots of health problems are going on right now and it is really bad for the teens future. The point where it gets bad is when they can't stop smoking or drinking and that is all they think about and when they get money that's the first thing they want to buy. And it is hard for them to get back.