Leadership styles and powers

by: anthony viator and jackson haslam


This is leaders that use power to force followers to do what he or she wants them to do. An example of this is Adolf Hitler he was a powerful dictator in Nazi Germany. He forced other people to do what he wanted. He used coercive power when he wanted something. Coercive power is the ability to force others to do something by punishing them if they do not comply.


This leader invites others to participate in decision making, trying to get a majority to agree with and commit to decisions. President Obama is an example of this type of leader. He lets other have a voice in decisions to make it fair to everyone. He used legitamite power. This is the power assigned to someone because of thier position, office, or title.


This type of leader gives up the power to others in the group. they lead with a "hands off" style. Martin Luther KIng Jr. was like this. He let other lead and take charge. he used referent power. this is the influence held by someone who is respected, liked, or otherwise admired by his or her followers.


This leader strives for an equal focus on both tasks and relationships in order to be most effective. John F. Kennedy was like this. He cared about getting the tasked done but also building a relationship with others. He used expert power. This is the kind of power held by someone who knows the most about the work.

Last 2 powers

Reward- the ability to repay others in exgange for compling with a given direction

Informational- this kind of power is held by induviduals who have access to needed information.


There was a teacher at my old school who was very mean. She was an authoritarian leader and used coercive power. She would punish people if they didnt do things the way she wanted.