Chinese Ghost Cities

By: Anna T.

Main Question

What are ghost cities and how did they become what they are?

What are they?

Chinese ghost cities are not what you think. The cities have nothing to do with ghosts and they are not haunted. They are called ghost cities because not very many people live in them, because most aren't finished. They cities were built in during the urban sprawl that China had a few years ago, and the sprawl forced the developers of the land to build something almost immediately. They were not finished because loans weren't paid, investors pulled back before the projects were complete, because they wouldn't make any money from the cities because they weren't needed yet, and deadlines were never met.

China built these cities because of the rise in population that they keep having, and to possibly make money off of the cities in the future when they are in use. So they thought that it would be a good idea to build these big cities that can hold one million people out in the middle of nowhere, so that people can live in them, without worrying much about trying to find a house. But since most cities were never finished, they won't really ever be used until they are.

How are they being used today?

Today, most of the cities are still under construction and a very small amount of people live in them. Most of the cities are still under minor construction and there are a few that are just starting out. There are also a few cities that actually house a few people. For example one of the largest ghost cities built, which is the city Ordos, is not finished yet so about 2% of the buildings in the city are filled with people. That it is what it is like in most of the other ghost cities, just because most of the cities are not yet finished, and unless they are finished no one will really ever live in them. So at the moment there really isn't a need for these cities.

What is going to happen to them?

Since Chinese ghost cities were built for the people that live in China, the government is hoping that in the future they will be able to finish the construction, and allow people to live in the cities. But if they aren't finished, people will most likely leave the ghost cities and then they will just be big abandoned unfinished cities in the middle of nowhere, until the economy in that area rises and people can start living in and making money off of the cities.


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