How A Wind Turbine Works

By FuzzyWuzzy and Habib-Bear

How Wind Power Is Harvested.

Air is a fluid but not in the form of liquid but in the form of gas. When air is moved quickly, in the form of wind the gas particles also move quickly. Movement means kinetic energy. The kinetic energy is captured into wind turbines.

How Wind Is Converted To Electricity.

Wind power starts with the sun. The Sun heats up an area of land so the air absorbs some of the heat. Hotter air is lighter than cooler air so hotter air is faster. When the hotter air rises, the cooler air rushes to fill the gap of air, where the hot air left from. When the air is rushing it is called wind. The wind then hits on the blades that makes the rotor rotate. The rotor connects to the main shaft, which turns inside the generator box. A magnetic rotor spins inside bundles of wires. This causes electrons inside the wires to flow creating electrical energy. The electricity travels down through large cables into an underground cable. Then it is transported to a substation where a step-up transformer increases the electrical output.

Negatives And Positives.


-It's a renewable source of energy.

-It's natural.

-The energy source doesn't waste.

-Produces lots of energy.

-The wind turbines do all the work.


-Can only be built in windy places.

-Takes up lots of space.

-Costs a lot of money.