CREATER: Tyrese Montgomery

" What's the change? "

The change was in European thought, starting in the mid-1500s, in which the study of natural world began to be characterized by careful observation and questioning of accepted beliefs. Scholars started questioning ideas that had been accepted for many years. The religious movement, Reformation, prompted followers to challenge the way people thought of God and salvation

The People Associated With The Change

Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton was an English scientist that studied mathematics and physics. He went to Cambridge University. By the time Newton was twenty-six, he realized all physical objects affected equally by the same force. This was important, because it put the cap on all doubts about how the universe moved and how it was ordered.

" How Did The Change Impact Society At The Time "

The change impacted society at the time by creating logical procedures for gathering and testing idea, which was called the Scientific Method. The Scientific Method made people prove if their ideas were right or wrong to help save the people that were right from being punished by the church

" How Is That Change Evidenced In Today's Modern Society? "

The change is evident in today's society, because in science during all ideas or experiments there's a scientific method to go along with it. There's a scientific method to go along with the experiments to prove the point of the experiment, how to repeat it, and what's the final outcome of it.

Turning Points in History - Scientific Revolution