OCPL Weekly Update

January 22, 2015

Mahan Library

We have finally moved the adult book display downstairs! Many thanks to Paul, who helped me move the fixtures. He is also going to anchor the display to the wall (it's a bit wobbly). Hopefully, this move will lead to an increase in the number of items we sell. We are now keeping the free magazines on the bottom shelf in bins. Thanks to Kendra for organizing the magazines.

A picture of the new display is below. It doesn't really give you an idea of how tall it is, but you can see where the display is in relation to other fixtures.

Tomorrow I'm going to meet with Tavia, the Executive Director of the Nature Preserve. I'm looking forward to talking with her and getting a tour of the grounds. I had a good time at the Prospect Area Chamber of Commerce meet and greet on Monday. I met some local business leaders, one of whom sent me a nice card in the mail today. I think I also set a record for most club sodas consumed in one sitting.

I'm putting more shelf labels on the adult nonfiction shelves. Thanks to Hannah and Elizabeth for cutting out the labels and putting them in the holders.

See you next week!


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Main Library

It's been a very busy week but all staff have done an excellent job keeping things going forward.
Our loss rate on the adult fiction was only .42%. Not bad!
Last night a kid that we had banned about 8 years ago called and asked if she was still banned from the library. Since she's about 20 now I laughed (in a good-natured way) and said we could give it another try. She came in with a friend and they were well-behaved. She seems to have grown up some. Whew! It would be awkward to have to kick her out as an adult. :)


Main Circ & Teens

I'm sure everyone had a very busy day on Tuesday with book returns and the Run. Thanks to all who had desk hours that day--I'm sure you went home tired. Special thanks to Melinda, who always comes in early after holidays to check in the book drop--she was already started, with Tracy as her DVD clipping sidekick when I arrived around 8:30 am.

Next week's Teen events: Book Besties on Monday @ 4:30 pm. "Ice, Ice, Baby" winter program for teens also on Monday, starting @ 6 pm--all activities will center around Ice and we'll have Frozen playing in the background. Wednesday is Early Release Day--I'll have the OCMS Girls Book Club that afternoon. Thursday we'll have "Cookies, Cocoa & Cram" from 4:30-7:30.


South Oldham Library

We came in to work on Saturday to find the newspaper box knocked over and the streetlight lamp lying in the grass on the other side of the parking lot. You would have thought the newspaper carrier would have replaced the box by now, but no. Thanks to Markitha for ordering a new tube to be installed in the next 7 days. I'm awaiting a return phone call from Dennis Deibel about the light.

Many thanks to Ellie and Julie for spearheading another weeding project! Ellie is evaluating the Chilton's manuals and contacting Mary concerning the possible weeding of our duplicates and Julie is evaluating the Opposing Viewpoints for possible weeding. We've decided to make a display of "Things to Think About" for the Opposing Viewpoints to see if they might circulate. If not, it may be time to let them go...

Finally, thanks to Graham for sharing his Mahan patron survey. We've decided to survey our patrons in February as part of "Love Your Library" month. We'll draw for prizes as Mahan did at the end of the month. Great idea, Graham!

BTW, I love this new format for weekly updates! Great suggestion!



Programming is going well this month. Lots of toddlers and their caregivers at Toddler Time this week! Saturday is our Frozen Story Time. Patrons were asked to register in advance for this program, and unfortunately we are full if anyone asks. It should be a lot of fun; Olaf, Elsa & Anna will be there!

We have almost all of the pieces for our Turtle Totes now, so these will be coming out sometime in the next month or so. Turtle Totes will have a combination of 10 picture books and early readers in them. Turtle Totes are designed for both busy families who just want to pick up a tote without browsing for books and also for the family that has fines that they cannot pay. Patrons will be allowed to check out one Turtle Tote at a time even if they have fines. When they are ready to go, I will share more details!

As always, when signing kids up for a program, go to the Children's Page of our website and click the link to register for that event: http://www.oldhampl.org/children.htm.



  • Tax help starts Jan. 22! Make sure patrons call for an appointment- VITA won't be taking walk ins this year. Call 502-647-3072 for appointments.
  • This Saturday is National Readathon Day. We'll have a space for participating readers in front of the fireplace. For more information, visit: http://global.penguinrandomhouse.com/readathon/
  • We had a free book give-away last week & it was really well received by the public!
  • There will be a computer class at 6pm on Monday specifically for how to use Overdrive & Flipster. Patrons can register on the computer class page.



Tech Services


Overdrive records to load, lots and lots of books and music to process and catalog, have to figure out how to delete some of our patrons without deleting all of our patrons...


Command Central

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Director's notes

It's official. The Building Automation System (BAS) at Main is installed and working. Had a snafu Wednesday but all that is corrected. Currently when a room is occupied the heat setpoint is 71 degrees Fahrenheit and the occupied cool is 74 degrees. That is, if a room should reach 74 degrees the air will come on automatically. Conversely if the temperature falls to 71, the heat will come on. That's it. Clear as mud.

Most of the rooms are set at those temperatures. If all staff agree that an area is too warm or too cold we can change those setpoints.

The communications room (server room) is deliberately set with lower temperatures to keep the equipment cool.

We can now change set points for events that are after regular hours which is a functionality that I was unable to access with the old BAS.

When the Library is closed (unoccupied) the set points are 60 degrees and 82.4 degrees. Voila! maximum energy savings.


Network & IT notes

Still working on the Windows 7 upgrades. Hit our first snag but I worked it out with Microsoft, and we seem back on track. Onward and upward.