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March 3, 2017

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NT American Perspectives relives the Roaring '20's

On Friday, February 24, the American Perspectives class presented the 1920s. The class was divided into groups that covered separate topics that were influential to the time period. The topics covered were: Prohibition, Indiana in the 20s, Women in the 20s, Sports, Entertainment, Harlem Renaissance, and Technology. Each group was responsible for bringing their topic to life through an interactive presentation which included various props, timelines, literary elements, digital pieces, and whatever else they needed to enhance their presentations.

American Perspectives is a class that combines the study of English and United States History. Their emphasis of Project Based Learning (PBL) provides a unique learning opportunity for students. Scottsburg New Tech is a part of the New tech Network and features PBL as the main method of instruction.

Future Teachers Helping SES

This week Dual Credit Education Professions students have been working on multiple projects at SHS while their internship classrooms take on ISTEP. First, students began working on weighted vests after Mrs. McDonald, a teacher at SES, reached out to our class in search of students willing to help make them for her students. These vests have been found beneficial for some students in helping them calm down and focus. We were able to upcycle some vests from the sewing class era to help save costs for these vests which are priced for $50 - $150 on Amazon.

Additionally, students have been comparing research articles to classrooms observations relating to development. In class on Friday, students used clues, articles, and diagrams relating to the brain and learning to try to "breakout" of a Breakout EDU box. The bell rang with one lock yet to figure out.

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Testing News: ISTEP+ Math and Science Continues this Week.

Part 1 of the math ISTEP+ will begin on Monday, March 6th.

Math Section 1, 34 min Mon Mar 6th

Section 2, 34 min Tues Mar 7th

Makeups Wednesday, March 8th

Science Section 1, 30 min Thurs Mar 9th

Makeups Friday, March 10th

Interpersonal Studies Project

The Digital Citizenship part of Interpersonal Studies class is currently working on a group project focusing on various aspects of computer technology. The topics include hardware components and functions, software applications such as word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database and operating systems, emerging technologies, security risks, networking, and computers and careers.

Each group is required to develop a lesson plan for their topic, create learning activities and assessments, and teach the lesson to the class. Students are learning the digital skills to help prepare them for the future.

Interpersonal Studies is a freshmen course that combines the study of English, Interpersonal Relations and Digital Citizenship. This course is a part of the High Schools That Work Program at SHS. HSTW is a program that emphasizes ten key concepts around College and Career readiness.

Mitchell Prince sets Record

Congratulations to sophomore, Mitchell Prince, who broke the school record for 3-point baskets in Thursday's game against the sectional host, Salem Lions. Mitchell had tied the record earlier in the season by making eight three point baskets. He set the new mark when he hit the ninth shot late in last night's game to cut the lead; however, the Warriors ultimately lost a hard fought contest in the opening round of the Salem Sectional.

The school record was set by Warrior great, James Colwell.

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