Japan Project

Geography, History, Feudalism, Shintoism, Current events


Japan has four separate islands called Kyusho, Shikotu, Honshu, Hokkaido. Japan is covered in mountainous regions; 3/4 of Japan is mountains. Since Japan is an island they are bpvery isolated from everything else.


Feudalism in Japan

Japan developed a feudal system which had similarities to the European system.
  • The shogun (like the king) ruled the country through the daiymo(like the nobles), who were the heads of the samurai (like the knights).
  • Peasants farmed the land in exchange for protection by the samurai, who operated under a code of conduct known as bushido (like chivalry).

Again, society was organized under a rigid class system with no social mobility. Click the button for a chart.

The Tokugawa Shoguns maintained an ethnocentric policy toward the outside world. However, cultural influences from China did migrate to Japan down the Korean Peninsula.


Shinto is the native religion in Japan with its roots stretching back to 500 B.C., and is a poly-theistic one venerating almost any natural objects ranging from mountains, rivers, water, rocks, trees, to dead notables.

Current events

A current even that is going on in japan is the argument about hunting and saluting bottled nose dolphins and down below there is a video about!