The Constitution

The Bill of Rights By: Caroline O'Hara

The First Amendment

Guarantees freedom of religion, speech, assembly, and press, and the right of people to petition the government
What the first amendment means is that people are allowed to have freedom of religion, citizens are allowed to say whatever they want, citizens are allowed to assemble and discuss, and this amendment protects the newspaper
What Amendment eight means is that it protects people against always getting bailed out of jail, and it forbids people in jail getting cruel and unusual punishment

An Amendment To Be

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The Fourth Amendment

The Fourth Amendment protects against "unreasonable searches and seizures"
What the Fourth Amendment means is that it protects people against the national government able to break and enter into someones property without permission.

An Event in History

An event in history is the famous Semayne's Case where the judge, Sir Edward Coke, made this amendment.

A Modern Example

A modern example is when someone is smuggling drugs and it doesn't give the right for the national government to make an unreasonable search if they think that person is looking suspicious without proof.


I think this amendment is significant because it protects many people's privacy because this law does not allow the national government to break into someone's home without proof of something.

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