Let's be Safe!

Internet Safety in Mrs. So-and-so's Second Grade Classroom

Good and Bad

There are so many good and interesting things on the Internet, but there are some bad things out there, too. Look at this paper to learn what is good and what is bad.

Things You Should Know

-Do not talk to strangers, just like you don't talk to them on the street.

You already know about stranger danger. It is the same on the computer!

-Do not share your name, your pictures, or where you live.

Even if you're giving it to someone you know, a stranger can find it.

-Passwords are secret.

You don't give away the key to your house. You don't let people into your computer either.

Cool Websites

More Things to Know

-Do not download things without asking a parent or teacher.

Computers get sick, too! Dangerous downloads can contain viruses that hurt your computer.

-If you find something uncomfortable, tell a grown-up right away.

Some people use the Internet for bad reasons. Parents and teachers can help get rid of things that should not be shared.


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