True Explorers WebQuest!

Our class project for the week.

All you need to know:

Hi Parents,
Your student was sent home with a link to a WebQuest that he/she will be completing at home for homework this week. We went over the WebQuest and all of the directions in class, and they are also on the WebQuest website. This WebQuest is entirely self-contained and is a very safe subject for your students to work with. However, like all computer activity, this event should be monitored by you. Encourage your student to keep up with their online blog and turn in assignments on time. As always, please contact me with any questions.

Mrs. Baker

The WebQuest Website

Here is the link to our class WebQuest:

Your student will also need an account on to complete the blog assignments. As a parent, you can also sign up to monitor your student's posts and report any inappropriate behavior to me immediately.