5th & 6th Grade Math

Sumner Attendance Center

5th Grade

Fifth grade will wrap up their unit on multiplying and dividing by powers of ten this week. They will have a test on Tuesday! Fifth graders will then begin the next unit with expanded form.

5th grade assignments for the week can be found here.

6th Grade

Sixth grade began their review of least common multiples last week. This week we will begin learning about greatest common factors at the beginning of the week followed by an introduction to creating the sum of a product.

6th grade assignments for the week can be found here.


Any assignment that has "Please Correct" stamped or written on it can be corrected and turned back in for partial credit. This can be done with assistance from a parent or teacher. The new work must be shown to get credit!

Students who have completed xtramath will receive the math award at the end of the school year. Students may work on this at home. They will need to log in with my email address, their first name, and their PIN which is written in their planner.

Student may also work on Front Row at home for extra practice. Students have taken a pretest and work at their own level. The fifth grade class code is K754LL. The sixth grade class code is 63FWUW.

If your child needs extra help, he or she may come to my room before school. I am at school by 7:40 each morning.