Athletic Trainers

By: Isaiah Robertson

What Does a Athletic Trainer Do?

An athletic helps prevent young athletes from hurting themselves in-play, and/or after. They solve their physical problems when they get hurt. Athletic trainers also treat, diagnose, and prevent any muscle and bone injuries.

Where do they work?

Most of the time its either at a local high school, college, or university. But they can also be found in the local hospital.

How do you become an Athletic Trainer?

You have to go to college and get your Bachelor's Degree. In most states Athletic Trainers have to have a liscense of certification.


The annual wage in 2012 was $42,690, and $20.52 an hour.

Job Outlook

This jobs demand is expected to increase in the later years. At least 19% increase.

Similiar Occupations

-Physical Therapists



And etc. to do with the health of people.