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Sometimes you just need a super-quick image editing software. You know. A basic crop, maybe soften the edges or add a shadow. And when you're short on time the last thing you want to use is a web-based application or software you need an advanced degree to operate.

I've got just the answer!

Click on the images below for a larger annotated version.

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Crop & Save

Before we start, here's a tip you may or may not already know:

To take a screen shot simply press the Print Screen/SysRq key on your keyboard.
Nothing will flash or happen, but you can then right click/paste your screen shot.

Want to get a little more fancy with it? (not a lot, just a little)

Here's the more fancy part!

You can manipulate the color, outline, shadows of your text and images to your liking.

Then simply Ctrl+A to select all, right click on the image and Group it all together.
That will give you one layered image. Save as Picture and you're done!!

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