Great Depression strikes Canada

By: Brishetaa Gajendra

Dirty Thirties affect Canadians

This disaster in the early 1930'a had struck Canadians everywhere as Canadians who used to live with their wife and all of their beautiful children are now unemployed getting their power shut off while the kids are being separated and sent off to live with relatives far away. The once middle class man is now waiting in a Soup-line opened by a church trying to feed his growling stomach something as he has not eaten all day.

Government Effort's

Our Prime Minister Robert Bennett had raised tariffs to get some money into our economy. He had even created some relief camps for the unemployed.

The CCF and the Social Credit parties have created some idea's but the idea's might just be too ahead of our time; their idea's were:

- unemployment insurance

- government run banks

Now these are great idea's and maybe someday in the future these idea's might come to be.

Now as our government does continue to try to bring our economy back to life their comes a point and time when they need to realize their is nothing there to balance as our economy is broken ever since the stock market crash.