Getting Retainers

Audra Wells

I was sitting in the car, on the way to the dentist. I could not wait! I was so scared and excited to get my retainers. Questions were running through my head like. Will it hurt? Will I talk funny? Will I look cute? I was ready to do this. We pulled in, I jumped out of the car and ran in.

When I got in, I singed in, after I sat in a chair and waited until Dr.Packard called me back. Minutes ticked by. I was getting real nervous. "Audra" a dentist called. This is it i thought. "Brush your teeth in there." she pointed to a door "And wait there." She pointed to a bench. "Thanks." I said. I walked into the bathroom, brushed my teeth, then sat on the bench. More minutes ticked by. Now I was scared. But I could not stop smiling. "Audra?" some other lady called. I stood up and followed her.

"Sit in that chair right there." She pointed to a big chair. "Dr. Packard will be with you shortly." She said. "Okay, thanks." I said. I was just sitting there waiting. "Hello!" Dr.Packard said. "Hi." I said. "Okay so your retainers are ready." He pulled out the retainers. They were clear and small and looked just like my teeth. "Okay." I said. "Alright." He said. "Lets put these in and see if they fit." "Okay." I said. I was so ready to see if they fit. "Open." He said. I opened my mouth. He gently put them in, first the top, then the bottom retainer. When they were in he pushed them so they would fit. "All good. Do you want to see?" He asked. "Yes." I said, but it sounded funny it sounded like a snake I started to laugh. He went and grabbed a mirror and stuck it in front of my face. I smiled. I look a good look I thought. "You're all set." He said. I got up and singed out and ran out the door.

In the car I called my grandpa and told him all about it. It was really hard to talk, but it was super funny and I kept laughing. More thoughts like. What will my friends say? Will they like it? But now I have different retainers, because at school I threw them away, but I didn't mean to. My new ones look pink and sparkly and have a wire. I like my new ones better than my old ones. That is my retainer story.

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